United Tile
of Lafayette


If you need it, we have it

United Tile carries a full line of installation, maintenance, repair, and cleaning products. We carry Custom Building Products, setting materials, backer boards, waterproofing membrane, leveling products, crack suppressants as well as cleaners and sealers. We keep over 30 different custom grout colors in stock. We also carry Roval sealers and cleaners, as well as NacTac, a membrane product for repairing cracks in slabs.

We keep an array of shower niche's, seats, grout floats, spacers, kneepads, trowels and assorted installation tools. We also keep ceramic bath accessories in stock. Whether it's a weekend do-it-yourself job or a major remodel, United Tile of Lafayette has everything you'll need to do the job right.




Custom Building Products



SpinDoctor Leveling System

Schluter Systems

Beno J. Gundlach Tools




Pearl Abrasive